Yard Sale: P2P Wireless (TP-Link WA7510N)


For sale: two TP-Link WA7510N (5Ghz). These devices are about a year old, and served for about 10 months to provide internet from my apartment to a neighbouring building in Antwerp.

Because our office moved (all space got rent), internet is no longer required. Right now, I do not have a use-case for these devices (although, it was pretty cool, and I wish I could keep using them somehow).

For the past 10 months, except for some water in the UTP cable, this has been working perfectly, with a good and stable ping.

While I used them for Point-to-Point WiFi, they can be used in a wide variety of modes, including regular AP, etc. Just remember, they run at 5Ghz.

IMG_20140417_174816_2 IMG_20140417_174824_2 IMG_20140417_174837_2

Invoice is possible.

Price: discussable

Contact: [email protected]

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