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  • Game Boy

    Game Boy

    Seeing this makes me want to get one and keep it for Ila to play on when she’s a bit older. I guess this is why every couple of months I go back to check Playdate and am tempted to get one (knowing very well I won’t really play it much)…

  • RPi kernels in Bookworm

    RPi kernels in Bookworm

    Raspberry Pi recently launched Bookworm, and with that, a new kernel package. However, due to the massive changes from Bullseye to Bookworm, they are not suggesting a dist-upgrade. In the past, we have suggested procedures for updating an existing image to the new version, but always with the caveat that we do not recommend it,…

  • Script to display Mac battery information

    Script to display Mac battery information

    You can see how this script makes that couple very happy. Quick and dirty script that shows your Mac battery information (health, cycles, etc). If an Apple keyboard or mouse is connected, it’ll also display the battery % of those. Outputs something similar to this (no mouse or keyboard connected): This works on zsh and…

  • PoC: Betteruptime + Python-kasa

    PoC: Betteruptime + Python-kasa

    Content Update The provided scripts have been updated on 16 Jul 2023. Specifically the SmartStrip part was not working as intended. I’ve been a big fan of Betteruptime. I’ve started using it to monitor all my assets online (websites, DNS, ping, successful script runs) as well as my servers (using heartbeats). I have a few…

  • Micro-mice and mazes

    Via Kottke. Truly wish we learned all this in school. Would’ve attended school significantly more often… 😉

  • Flipper Zero: Waiting for SD card

    Flipper Zero: Waiting for SD card

    Just got myself a Flipper Zero because #whynot. However, the updating process from 0.6x.y to 0.82.3 was not very smooth sailing: The SD card I tried was an old 2Gb Samsung SD I had lying around (have 3-4 of these). Tried several times, but alas, until I tried a different SD card… Then the update…

  • OLED Lego Brick

    Via Hackaday.

  • Xiaomi purifier hack with NFC tags

    Xiaomi purifier hack with NFC tags

    It’s been over two years since my last rant. I can now happily say this NFC tag hack works. No need to hack your purifier like with their previous kit (I almost purchased the kit — but eventually decided against it; was it worth the trouble?). But these NFC tags are significantly easier to use.…

  • Remote desktop and Wake-on-LAN

    Remote desktop and Wake-on-LAN

    Shan uses her iPad a lot, but a lot of the more serious (interior design) work needs to happen on AutoCAD or Photoshop. That is just not going to work on an iPad. When we’re travelling (read: holiday) she’s carrying an old Lenovo ThinkPad 13 (great device!) just “in case” she needs to open AutoCAD…