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  • Ideal travel router: GL-AR750S

    Ideal travel router: GL-AR750S

    Right. With the pandemic and all none of us are going to travel much but still… About a year ago I purchased myself an OpenWRT router to use on the plane and in hotels. And so far I really like both the device and the Hong Kong based brand (launching new and updated products, and…

  • EVA and WiFi

    So I am flying EVA from SIN – TPE – JFK and back. For the first time I also went to the dark side (16hrs was too long to be locked up with just my mind) and got onboard WiFi. This seems to come with unlimited data for ~20USD for 24hrs. I manage to stream…

  • WiFi by night

  • FlatTurtle in elevators: making of

    First tests at Glaverbel (circle or “O” shaped building) in Watermael-Boisfort with 12 lifts (about a year ago). Internet wiring makes a whole circle from the internet connection at the technical room (near entrance hall). In this design from the 1960s the lift machine rooms had one shared/common room where we installed switches (to avoid…

  • Turtle shaped WiFi

    demolished a unifi from Auki and build a 3D printed Turtle around it. Came out very nicely, and it’s quite solid. 3D renders: Actual printed design: Opened up unifi: Design by Seendesign. More at FlatTurtle’s blog.

  • Outdoor WiFi (120onCortenbergh)

    About a year later… Except not being white anymore, it still looks good. Outdoor unifi (previous model) connected to Auki. Picture enhanced by Google Plus to add dramatic effect. 😉 Original picture here.

  • Outdoor WiFi (Pegasus Park)

    Point to Point transmitters (Loco M2) Point to Point receiver (Loco M2) Boxes with power, PoE and switches Outdoor Access Point (UAP Outdoor+)

  • WiFi

    An update from last time.  

  • WiFi SSIDs

    HTTPS affects Google Page Rank. Best idea ever. Now read this. This is the effect, of giving a WiFi hotspot (near a window at traffic lights) two additional SSID; by coincidence the same used by the two biggest local ISPs. You can clearly see when I made the change. Edit (07/09/2014):