Vodafone Mobile Connect – Incorrect Pin code

As I usually use my SIM card in my iPhone, I booted my PC, plugged in the Vodafone USB Mobile Connect modem (HAUWEI 220 or something). I then inserted, with the USB device plugged in, my SIM card, and booted up the Mac (and later on Windows) Vodafone application, to connect my PC to the Proximus 3G network.

This resulted in a constant error; “The pin code was not accepted by the mobile device“.

I of course removed the SIM card each time, and inserted it back in my iPhone, and unlocked it by inserting my code. I didn’t want to lock my SIM card, and made sure I had at least 2 good tries left each time.

As you can let the application remember the pin code, I was 100% sure it were wrong settings. The worst part, was that the application quits after prompting  that message. I reinstalled, searching in the config files, removed all *vodafone* files, tried in Windows, changed my pin code a couple of times (the default 0000 one too), updated the HAUWEI firmware, updated the Mobile Connect client software, rebooted, and when I was about to give up, it hit me like a truck. I’m from the bloody “hotswap generation”. And Vodafone sucks. Seriously. Wasted 2 hours on that. Such a waste of time, such a simple solution.

When inserting the SIM card into the device. UNPLUG THE USB MODEM. INSERT SIM. THEN, NOT BEFORE, INSERT IT IN THE DAMN PC. Start the application. Enjoy. No more dodgy error messages, the application works, and you can connect to the bloody internet.

GG Vodafone. GG hotswap.

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