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  • Chicken Rice / Poached

    And of course the actual ad (how iPhone is super mega amazing) 🤷🏼‍♂️ but nice to see how they did it. And neat to see how tech evolved since my first iPhone 3G. What they fail to mention is the insane time it takes to film all that, and the post production editing… 😉

  • Custom CPUs

    Custom CPUs

    “Google developing own CPUs for Chromebook laptops“. Interesting to see that many years after Apple started creating their CPUs for the iPhone (and now laptops/desktops), so many companies are following. Google is not new to building their chips (TPU, Titan (used in security keys and as encryption module for servers/Pixel phones), and likely more), but…

  • Apple Watch OS7 stopped showing the date

    Apple Watch OS7 stopped showing the date

    I’ve been running the Apple WatchOS 7 beta for a while now, and when updating, my watch face lost the “date”: it was no longer showing the date and day of the week (i.e. Fri). Quite annoying — but it’s a beta after all. I shouldn’t complain. I did what every good beta tester would…

  • o iPhone

    You’re not what you once were.    

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  • Mobile Vikings & iPhones

    Because it took me about 10 minutes to Google it, I’ll recap it here;   If tethering is unavailable on ones iPhone, and you have to helpdesk him/her out of it, go to: Settings > General > Network > Cellular Data Network And set “Cellular data” to: APN: web.be username: web password: web And reboot…

  • Something to think about

    Imagine, a couple of years from now. Apple’s patent to block recordings is reality and in operation. At some event such as Pukkelpop. During a crisis. No one, as the infrared is beaming light into every smartphone, telling it to shut down the camera, is able to record or take pictures of what’s going on.…