My new Macbook Pro arrived

… Restoring from TimeMachine… 1 hour and 16 minutes remaining…

It took a weird route (Shanghai to Korea to Kazakhstan?!) but I finally got it. Yayyies.


Later a blog post about what it’s like to migrate from a Macbook Air to a Macbook Pro again.

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4 responses to “My new Macbook Pro arrived”

  1. Yeri Tiete avatar

    I went for overkill and hope to keep in ~4+ years:

  2. Mathias Bynens avatar

    Which model did you go for? Can haz spec pr0n? 🙂

  3. […] for 600ish damn euro) and I sold it. I waited for the new line of Macbooks and ordered myself a new one. I picked the Retina […]

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