Macbook Air vs Macbook Pro

While my 2010 Macbook Pro is at the Apple Repair shop for a (most likely) faulty GPU I borrowed a Macbook Air from Christophe. These are my random thoughts about it:

  • It’s light. Very light. My bag is now too big and I can barely feel it hanging at my shoulder.
  • It’s light. Very light. I used to, when moving around (for example when testing WiFi, changing desks, going to a meeting, etc), jungle my Macbook Pro on one hand, with the display open and everything, and it would stay on my three or four fingers very nicely. With the Air, I can’t just move around like this as even the wind/air might knock it off my hand. Paper aeroplane comes into my mind.
  • The CPU is somewhere near the letters 1-2-3-A-Z-E-Q-S (Azerty keyboard). I tend to let my fingers rest between the keys on the bare metal. This can get quite hot. I have never noticed this with the MBP.
  • The keyboard of the Air is better. Smoother. More fun to hit. Nicer muffled sound. Hard to explain. Perhaps also because this keyboard hasn’t been used as often.
  • It stills seems … breakable. Not as robust.
  • I don’t like the bezel. WHY APPLE WHY? It’s metal instead of the nicer black glass that covers everything.

bezel-air  bezel-mbp

  • The metal at the touch pad doesn’t slice my wrists all the time. Which is good I guess. My Macbook Pro’s metal is also damaged there. I don’t know how. It’s more damaged at the right hand side, and I keep my watch at my left hand side, so it can’t be that.
  • The smaller screen (13″ instead of 15″) doesn’t bother me.
  • An i5 1.7GHz with 4Gb RAM is fast enough (my MBP is an i7 something with 8Gb ram). SSD is thus key to the speed.
  • I can’t really say if the speakers are worse or not.
  • The resolution is lower. Which is annoying in some cases.
  • There a big price difference. I believe the Air was a little over 1000 euro. My Macbook Pro was apparently (with an Apple mouse) 3067 or something euro (and with 21% vat).
  • My gf also has (actually entirely the same) Air. I feel that one day I’ll leave to a client or the office with the wrong Mac.
  • It’s still the same Magsafe. Which is good. Very good. Why-oh-why apple, did you decide to make a thinner/different one. You’re such as bitch.

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