iTunes 9 and iPhone OS 3

And the smart playlist syncing issue.

Syncing smart playlists, with “live updating” checked, bugged the playlists on the iPhone (there were songs in the playlist that didn’t belong there). Hoping this bug would be fixed ASAP I tried to ignore it as long as possible… However, it so far hasn’t been fixed.

As I was pretty fed up with unchecking “live updating” for 6 playlists eachtime I synced my iPhone, I tried to play around and find a fix.

Apparently, adding the following rule, solves the issue (don’t ask me why though):

Playlist is Music.”

Add this to all your smart playlists, resync, and your issue should be solved. Don’t forget to check on “live updating” again. 😉

Media kind is music didn’t affect the issue, however, this was an old rule that was already added to avoid getting podcasts into my smart playlists.

Also, if anyone can tell me how to reduce the memory usage of iTunes 9 (using 900+ Mb, coverflow enabled). The only useful work around is either disable cover flow or to put iTunes into Mini Player (shift+Apple+M)…

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