iRail updates

I’ve made some more changes to iRail;

  • small link (top, left corner) to refresh/go to the main page
  • fixed an issue where the dropdown menus would display HH:MM when it should be HH+1:MM – e.g. if the time was 17h55, it would display 17h00 instead of 18h00
  • added a return/back button to the results page
  • changed (shortened) the Dutch text of “noresults/” page, to fit the text on one line (on the iPhone)
  • changed the settings icon to something more… “settings” and less “info”
  • Removed the link from to will now be the main site
  • added “arrival” and “departure” options, to specify whether you want to arrive or depart at that time
  • created a bugs and feedback email address – bugs[@]irail[.]be and feedback[@]irail[.]be
  • the touch-icon should be here soon

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