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  • iRail matching Google Ads by NMBS

  • Strike? What strike?

    Have fun and good luck today. šŸ˜‰

  • #iRail meeting with #NMBS

    Dear list, Before we start, this is just a quick summary of what happened today. This is not an official press release nor a statement, but it’s a short summary made in the evening for the few who are dying to know more: After listening to MichaĆ«l Vanloubbeeck on their Internet strategy, he asked us…

  • iRail news

    Been playing around with nginx vs Apache for iRail. The bottle neck still is the NMBS site (and I’m truly sorry for DoSing you, dearest NMBS. I had to benchmark), but nginx seems to win just slightly over Apache. Maybe it’s worth moving irail.be to my nginx webserver. <3 nginx. The iRail (national) mobile website…

  • iRail hacking event @ Hackerspace Ghent

    17 Sept 2010, Ghent. All information here and here. Be sure to come and help around ! Fun guaranteed! šŸ˜‰

  • iRail Trac

    iRail project page is located at project.irail.be. Also, biggest issue (station bug) seems to have been fixed in the API (mobile site soon!). Thanks Pieter Colpaert.

  • iRail updates

    We’ve been busy. First of all, big thanks for all the code and help from Pieter Colpaert. Updates: API (extreme beta), thanks Pieter (wiki), Code clean up, improvements, Station bug has not been solved, yet — working on it, (edit: fixed) iRail mailing list, for easy communication (wiki / archive). And again, Git repo located…

  • iRail.git

    iRail source is on Github. To access the iRail source code; Be aware you need to be added as contributor beforeĀ being able to commit changes. get Git [browse to some folder] mkdir git cd git git clone [email protected]:Tuinslak/iRail.git cd iRail git fetch To edit & commit changes: git add [file] git commit -m ‘edited [file],…

  • iRail is back

    After carefulĀ considerationĀ with my lawyer Ywein Van den Brande, I have decided to put iRail back online. The copy of the letter to the NMBS/SNCB can be viewed here. Minor modifications have been made to make it work correctly again with the new route planner of the NMBS/SNCB (changelog); and I’ll keep working on it to…