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  • Been playing around with nginx vs Apache for iRail. The bottle neck still is the NMBS site (and I’m truly sorry for DoSing you, dearest NMBS. I had to benchmark), but nginx seems to win just slightly over Apache. Maybe it’s worth moving to my nginx webserver. <3 nginx.
  • The iRail (national) mobile website is getting its final touches and should go live tomorrow night.
  • The iRail API seems stable. Special thanks to Pieter.
  • iRail is currently developing a native Qt (Symbian, Maemo and MeeGo) application.
  • There will most likely be a Bada (Samsung) native application as well.
  • Same for the iPhone, native app should be here soonish.
  • If you’d like to help, one way or another, two addresses, Project iRail and mailing list. 🙂
  • iRail team will attend Apps Marathon on Monday.
  • iRail @ OpenBelgium

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    Take a look at for a very good implementation of the train data. I’m using it at the moment, was one of the few lucky buyers for the short period it’s been in the app store. Some things that are really usefull, is the start screen, where people can save their most used stations and it loads the upcoming three trains (with in red the delays). If you then click on the station, you’ll see all the trains in the upcoming hour/2 hours. With in red the changes (different track or delays). When you click on the train then you get a detailed overview of what the stops are/were and which stops the train has already done. This is also very usefull.
    In the second tab there is some news, sometimes it is usefull but mostly there is not much news there, today it shows there will be no trains on monday. The third tab can be compared to iRail, you type in both locations and a time and then you can start planning your trip with the train. This is just a basic function, just like iRail, the big plus point of the Trein Belgie app is the homescreen, me, as a student who often travels with the train, want to launch the app and want to see as fast as possible what train i can take to go home or to school. With saved trainstations in the homescreen it all loads automatically.

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