iRail source is on Github.

To access the iRail source code;

Be aware you need to be added as contributor before being able to commit changes.

  1. get Git
  2. [browse to some folder] mkdir git
  3. cd git
  4. git clone [email protected]:Tuinslak/iRail.git
  5. cd iRail
  6. git fetch

To edit & commit changes:

  1. git add [file]
  2. git commit -m ‘edited [file], added this and that’
  3. git push

To update repo

  1. git fetch
  2. git merge origin/master

To check log

  1. git log

Info here and here, oh and here.

Nightly built accessible here. Git gets updated every night around 4h00. (see the index.php; set $dev to 1)

Feel free to commit [working and useful] updates. Decent updates will make the website. Contact me if you have any questions or remarks. Most important bug is the station issue and my todo list can be found here.

I’m fairly new to all this Git-stuff, so I might have done some stuff wrong, or not optimised, or whatever. Contact me if so.

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    RT iRail.git – [link to post] (via @Tuinslak)

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  2. Tuinslak (Yeri Tiete) avatar

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    [ Blog ] iRail.git – [link to post]

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  3. Bart Braem avatar

    Great news! I will try to help improve performance a bit, it seems some improvements are possible.

  4. Tuinslak avatar

    Sure, just tell me your github nickname. I’ll add you right away.
    And yea, tons of improvements can be made, I’m sure. 😉

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