Great Firewall checker

An attempt to create a list of major blocked sites in China (or any other country/ISP). It’s written entirely in Bash.

Github repo riiiiiiight here. It’s used by my PAC-generator.

The Github page is updated once a day by three hosts. One in Belgium, one in The Netherlands, and a Guruplug in China. This way you can compare the results (in case some are down or replying slowly).

As it’s impossible to test every possible site, I just check popular sites (and a bunch of sites from Alexa). But if you know blocked sites not in the list, please submit them — thanks!

At the moment I recheck every site once a day. However I might change this to once/week or something if the list of sites/URLs gets too big.

More shells are welcome, especially in countries such as Libya, Egypt, Tunis, etc 😉

But also additional shells in China are welcome, to prevent the government from blocking my current machine. All I need is a bit of CPU power once/day, 100Mb quota (at most), and Git installed.

Test results are written to three files; a file with sites that work, a file with sites that didn’t get a HTTP 200 reply, and a file with both. You can directly use the file in your application from Github (for example the list of blocked sites in China).

The files are written as CSV-file; “url,check-date,check-time,{ok|nok}”. Ok means the url/site got downloaded, nok means something went wrong (connection reset, time out, etc).

It does NOT check the content of the website (in case a ISP redirects to a different website instead).

This is work in progress though. So it’s likely to change and, hopefully, improve in the future.

Feedback is also greatly appreciated.

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