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  • Allow ping from USG

    Allow ping from USG

    Because I keep forgetting and it takes me far too much time to go through one of my million sites where I set this up and find the right config… To allow a USG (Unifi Security Gateway) to reply to external (WAN) ping requests, do the following: That’s it… All this for Smokeping.

  • Shell(s) for my Great Firewall Checker

    As my last shell has been disconnected in China (not because I was probing websites, but because the building the Guruplug was in got closed) I’m looking for shells. Linux or Unix. With Git installed. I’ll barely use any disk space and it will probe the websites at most once/day (at night, when you won’t…

  • Great Firewall checker

    An attempt to create a list of major blocked sites in China (or any other country/ISP). It’s written entirely in Bash. Github repo riiiiiiight here. It’s used by my PAC-generator. The Github page is updated once a day by three hosts. One in Belgium, one in The Netherlands, and a Guruplug in China. This way…