Yard Sale: Nexus 7 3G (1st gen)

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This time a Nexus 7 (with 3G). This is the first generation, but still running the latest version of Android (Kitkat, 4.4.2 — and rumoured to get the 4.4.3 update soon). It’s the 32Gb version (~27.5Gb of usable space). This device was bought in the US of A, as the 3G version was (or is) not for sale in Europe.

I’m selling it because I don’t have enough use cases for a tablet. It’s great on a plane, it’s great on a train… But I don’t fly as often anymore, and I certainly never take the train. And in many cases I just use my laptop instead (I’m too much of a power user for a tablet, I’m afraid).

IMG_20140425_202745 IMG_20140425_202807 IMG_20140425_202818

Battery is still perfect, the device is still fast (as long as you don’t encrypt internal storage). The tablet itself is in very good condition. Just a very minor scratch on the display, that you’ll never notice unless I point it out. 😉

Screenshot_2014-04-26-18-37-01 Screenshot_2014-04-26-18-37-25

Contact: [email protected]

Price: to be discussed

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