Yard Sale – Free pick up

Free pick up in Grimbergen, Diegem or Brussels North.

Email: [email protected]

Everything has been stored for a while in my garage and is untested.

Dual P3 1u server

IMG_20160716_110703  IMG_20160716_110708  IMG_20160716_110720

  • 1u dual Pentium 3 1Ghz server
  • 2x 72.8Gb 10k rpm SCSI (one probably died)
  • 1280Mb RAM
  • Served for years as mail & web server in Amsterdam datacenter, got it myself 2nd hand where it served in a Belgian datacenter (IIRC)
  • 2dehands

Intel Pentium D desktop server

IMG_20160716_110005  IMG_20160716_110011  IMG_20160716_110153

  • Pentium D CPU (32bit), don’t remember any more specs
  • Seems to have 4Gb of RAM (untested)
  • 2x 160Gb SATA disk
  • 2dehands

AMD64 Athlon desktop


  • No disks
  • Seems to have 1GB of RAM (untested)
  • Athlon64 something. You know. One of those first 64 bit CPUs when AMD was still awesome. 🙂
  • 2dehands


IMG_20160716_110640  IMG_20160716_110646

  • 4u rack mounted UPS
  • “SmartUPS 1000”
  • With the right cables (not provided) I believe there was a managed console/interface
  • Comes with batteries but I’m 99% sure the batteries are dead by now
  • it’s freaking heavy
  • Awesome UPS that proved its use back in the days
  • 2dehands

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