Philips Network Hard Disk

I’ve got myself a cheap 500GB network hard disk.

Been testing it, and seems to be working fine! It’s rather fast (it has a SATA2 disk in it) and it was really easy to set up.

Philips Network Disk

But I’m missing a few things;

  • Impossible to format/check the disk for errors from the web interface
  • Impossible to create partitions from the web interface
  • Impossible to give anonymous FTP access (or use different username:password for FTP, as I don’t need any passwords on my disk)
  • Only FAT32 (read/write) support, and only NTFS (read) support
  • Deleting files seems very slow, but perhaps it’s my Mac/WiFi that’s giving troubles?

I’m emptying my other (old) external disk (160GB), and will add that one to the network disk (you can extend the network disk by adding other USB disks).

Guess it’s wait-and-see.

Hope the disk won’t crash after 6 months…

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2 responses to “Philips Network Hard Disk”

  1. Sphere avatar

    FAT on a 500GB disk? 😐

  2. Tuinslak avatar

    Yesh, lack of other FSes 🙁

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