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I’ve been playing around a bit with nginx and its reverse proxy module. The “real” website is accessible here, whereas the cached version is here.

I’m deliberately making a difference between cache.* and live.* as blog.tuinslak.* might move to the cached version lateron.

The question, is it useful to reverse proxy this blog? No, probably not. But meh… It’s fun. 🙂

IP differences between both versions: live vs cache°. I’m guessing as most of the stats (Google Analytics and WP Stats) are JavaScript based, all stats should still be correctly generated. Only the Apache logs show the nginx proxy IP address. Which is normal, I guess.

First small test doesn’t seem too good. Apparently not a lot of caching is going on. Though most of this site’s content is HTML (using WPSuperCache).

  • Live, on One, using Apache: here & here
  • Proxy, on VM1, using nginx: here & here

More tests & fine tuning later!

(°): Due to a minor edit, the live and cached version both show the correct IP address (yours) instead of the nginx proxy IP address.

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