As I often have people asking for the files I use to make my pretty MRTG graphs; I’ll publish them here.

Here are some examples:


The config files:

Sauron (including Squid stats),

Zero (including fan stats).

List of files included:

– indexmaker; simple script (included with MRTG) to generate a simple index file with all the graphs

–; will show you the IDs of the interfaces on the server/pc. These IDs have to be edited in the mrtg.cfg file; e.g.:

Target[eth0]: 2:public@localhost:

Make sure 2 is indeed the ID of eth0. Be aware that virtual interfaces, like the TUN/TAP interfaces (using by openVPN for example), can change ID each time they are restarted/rebooted.

– mrtg.cfg; check the config file as an example.

– mrtg-<xyz>.sh; bunch of files to generate some data. Not all of  those still work, but I haven’t deleted them yet in case. See the config to check those I’m using.

– mrtg._1 and mrtg.ok can be deleted/ignores. Those files are generated by MRTG and I was to lazy to remove them. 🙁

Some day, I’ll write a decent howto, but for now, you’ll have to do with this.

If there’s any question, just leave a comment.


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