@Flightradar24 Ansible playbook

Here’s my very simple Ansible playbook for Flightradar24 nodes.

While I run it on EfikaMX, it should work on most Debian based devices. Just be sure to modify the FR24 software download URL.

This Ansible playbook is untested on its own. It comes out of a way bigger (private) Ansible playbook, and I kind of just copy pasted this part, as others might benefit from it.

After running Ansible, you should reboot for driver blacklisting to work in cases it’s needed on your device (it is on RPis). And be sure to edit /root/flightradar24.sh with your key.

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  1. Yeri Tiete avatar

    Updated version requires changes in hosts file instead of the flightradar24.sh script.
    Please check README at https://github.com/Tuinslak/ansible-flightradar24/blob/master/README.md.

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