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  • PoC: Betteruptime + Python-kasa

    PoC: Betteruptime + Python-kasa

    Content Update The provided scripts have been updated on 16 Jul 2023. Specifically the SmartStrip part was not working as intended. I’ve been a big fan of Betteruptime. I’ve started using it to monitor all my assets online (websites, DNS, ping, successful script runs) as well as my servers (using heartbeats). I have a few…

  • killwarp


    Is your company forcing Cloudflare Warp on you, and are you running on a Mac (with sudo access)? It probably sucks, spies on you, does MitM attacks, breaks most video conferencing tools, and is generally not very stable… Also… Zero trust! Add this function to your .bashrc or .zshrc (whichever shell you’re using*): Open a…

  • Don’t trust corporates

    Don’t trust corporates

    Especially those at the pinnacle that’ve lost touch with their customers. I’ve blogged about it before. Here is how platforms die: first, they are good to their users; then they abuse their users to make things better for their business customers; finally, they abuse those business customers to claw back all the value for themselves.…

  • Bookworm: eth0 -> enX0

    Bookworm: eth0 -> enX0

    Started updating my Debian systems from Bullseye to Bookworm. The first thing I noticed was that ethX renamed to enXY. To get back to the old naming scheme, you can fix this by adding the following in /etc/network/interfaces: And reboot.

  • Micro-mice and mazes

    Via Kottke. Truly wish we learned all this in school. Would’ve attended school significantly more often… 😉

  • Keeping Mastodon storage in check

    Keeping Mastodon storage in check

    For my Mastodon instance, I use Cloudflare R2; mainly for two reasons: While I didn’t care much about storage any more, I still wanted to make sure it was kept in check, also for two reasons: I run my Mastodon in a Docker instance, so your commands may vary (basically tootctl X Y is what…

  • Flipper Zero: Waiting for SD card

    Flipper Zero: Waiting for SD card

    Just got myself a Flipper Zero because #whynot. However, the updating process from 0.6x.y to 0.82.3 was not very smooth sailing: The SD card I tried was an old 2Gb Samsung SD I had lying around (have 3-4 of these). Tried several times, but alas, until I tried a different SD card… Then the update…

  • Allow ping from USG

    Allow ping from USG

    Because I keep forgetting and it takes me far too much time to go through one of my million sites where I set this up and find the right config… To allow a USG (Unifi Security Gateway) to reply to external (WAN) ping requests, do the following: That’s it… All this for Smokeping.

  • NextDNS and NetworkManager

    NextDNS and NetworkManager

    A while back, I wrote about installing NetworkManager if NextDNS activate fails to work. Only… I realised that for some reason on Raspberry Pi (4), WiFi stopped working with the following errors: The WiFi SSID and password (wpa_supplicant) never changed, so I wasn’t sure what it was. However, as most Pi’s are wired I didn’t…