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Is your company forcing Cloudflare Warp on you, and are you running on a Mac (with sudo access)?

It probably sucks, spies on you, does MitM attacks, breaks most video conferencing tools, and is generally not very stable… Also… Zero trust!

Add this function to your .bashrc or .zshrc (whichever shell you’re using*):

func killwarp() {
	sudo launchctl remove com.cloudflare.1dot1dot1dot1.macos.warp.daemon
	sudo killall Cloudflare\ WARP

Open a new shell window (to reload your dot files), and type killwarp.

This will permanently disable Warp (until your Mac is rebooted; as it’s most likely force installed/started by your admin). So just run this after every reboot.

(*) Find out with echo $SHELL.

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