Photo-realistic image of a futuristic digital landscape with floating holographic screens displaying various art generated by an AI. Prominently in the center is a screen showcasing the text 'DALL·E 3'. Around it, abstract digital patterns and neural network visualizations create a vibrant background. The atmosphere suggests cutting-edge technology and innovation.

DALL-E 3: wow

DALL-E 3 is here. And the future too, or almost at least.

Prompt: generate 3D images of the inside of a house in Singapore. It needs to look modern and minimalistic, with light colours, to show a customer. Focus on the living room.

It still sucks at generating text… Trying to get an 80s style logo for

Website content… The prompt was a weird one.

prompt: for a website, I need an image of a coworking space. It needs to show people working. Our tech is the WiFi and efficient networking equipment that needs to be displayed but not clearly visible. Make it so it’s not a given, but shows happy people. Make it photo realistic

Prompt: draw a 3D comic style dolphin with a canon on its back jumping out of the sea

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