All in One display prototype v2.0

22″ Ilyama LCD panel, Atom based NUC (board only) with Low Voltage RAM, USB WiFi adapter (could have used half sized PCIe + antenna — but I’ve got a ton of USB WiFi left), extended ethernet.

Mostly made out of plastic (hardened polyester) and metal, unlike the wooden version.

3D render:

content landscape

Actual design:

tablet schaduw 1 copy

panel 1 panel 2 panel 3 panel 4 panel 8 panel 10

Pictures at the office (non photoshoot):

IMG_20141001_005056 IMG_20141001_005109

Disassembling the Ilyama display:

2014-08-06 IMG_20140806_175937 IMG_20140806_175943 IMG_20140806_180003 IMG_20140806_180708 IMG_20140806_180714 IMG_20140806_180725 IMG_20140806_182448 IMG_20140806_184125 IMG_20140806_184220 IMG_20140806_184301 IMG_20140806_190315 IMG_20140806_190410 IMG_20140806_190419 IMG_20140806_190704

End design created by Seendesign. Parts laser cut by Maakbaar.

More at FlatTurtle’s blog.

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5 responses to “All in One display prototype v2.0”

  1. Ndp avatar

    What’s the single malt that goes together with this nice construction effort? 🙂

    1. Yeri Tiete avatar

      One of the many I try 😉 But honestly can’t remember which one.

  2. gizzmo avatar

    Why don’t you use Android on USB instead of all the hardware?

    1. Yeri Tiete avatar

      Because Android is quite limited in what we can do (ie we run Puppet, VPN, etc — without rebuilding everything from scratch); we can use packages from the Debian repo.
      And we use Atom & Celeron hardware. Not sure how the support for Android is for that. En plus it’s barely more expensive. 🙂

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