All in One display prototype v1.0

Intel Atom based NUC, USB WiFi, Chinese (what looks like LG) 15″ LCD panel + controller, 2 power adapters (LCD panel + NUC — different voltage & AMP). Frame made in wood.

LCD panel:

IMG_20140804_162647 IMG_20140804_162654IMG_20140804_162423 IMG_20140804_162428

Made inhouse by my dad. 😉

2014-08-24(1) IMG_20140824_175550 IMG_20140824_175554 IMG_20140824_175558 IMG_20140824_234353

Pictures while making the frame:

IMG_20140809_110337IMG_20140806_194508IMG_20140806_201220 IMG_20140809_110344 IMG_20140809_110350 IMG_20140809_110356

Added plexi cover (with black bezel) at a later stage.


See prototype v2.0, published tomorrow.

More at FlatTurtle’s blog.

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  1. […] Mostly made out of plastic (hardened polyester) and metal, unlike the wooden version. […]

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