Yourls + WP plugin

I came against a problem that my Yourls WordPress plugin refused to generate a short url (it timed out when publishing a post; and it sent a tweet with no url).

And when someone visited the post it tried to regenerate a new short url (and this often resulted in 4-5 short urls being created) with title “301 moved permanently”.

Overall, tracking 891 links, 93,876 clicks, and counting!

I first thought the problem lied with my odd server setup (nginx proxying an nginx proxying an Apache — don’t ask, it’s a long story ;)) but manually doing API calls did generate a short url without any problems…

I quickly disabled my tweet-on-publish option and didn’t really figure out why this was suddenly happening (except that my yourls site moved to a new server).

That’s when I had this magnificent idea… Check if cURL is installed… 😉

And guess what; it wasn’t.

So be sure to install curl and php5-curl (and to restart Apache). Seems like that solved all my problems!

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