Yard Sale: Snowblades

Today, I’m selling my genuine Salomon Snowblades (MiniMax). This is the, I believe, 3rd or 4th generation of Snowblades by Salomon. I also do not think they are still being produced, so this can be a collectors item. 😉

I haven’t used them in 4-5 years, as I outgrew them and I wanted real skis again. But they’ve seen quite a few slopes when I was younger.

They are definitely in need of some waxing and sharpening, which would cost around ~€20 in any decent ski shop.

Ideal for reckless youngsters. 😉


IMG_20140419_132737 IMG_20140419_132723 IMG_20140419_132715

Contact: [email protected]

Price: ~€100 (discussable)

Comes with a protective/carrying bag.

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  1. Yeri Tiete avatar

    SOLD a couple of months ago by the way.

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