Yard Sale: Nexus 6

Nexus 6

  • Details
  • New device from end of September (used for one month; I’ve owned a N6 for a longer time, but due to a battery problem, Google swapped it for a brand new device; then I swapped to a Nexus 6P)
  • Midnight Blue edition
  • 64Gb
  • 4G and stuff (side note: reception & signal is a million times better than a Nexus 5)
  • You do of course receive the Moto TurboPower charger with it
  • Bought via Google Play store (comes with warranty, support, etc), original phone bought July 2015, so plenty of warranty left
  • No scratches or anything
  • Comes with Android 6
  • Selling because I own a Nexus 6P
  • Price: offer
  • 2dehands

Includes original packaging/boxes.

Email: [email protected]

IMG_20160716_113744  IMG_20160716_113752

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