Yard Sale: Flat Panel Wall Bracket

Selling 15ish Flat Panel / Display wall mounts.



These are cheap solutions for hanging displays in the office or at home. We do not use them anymore because our installation company prefers other solutions from Audipack (which are 10 to 15 times more expensive; but are easier and faster to install).

Basically, it’s four screw you can easily drill in a wall (using a paper plan/mold, you know the correct distance depending on your display mounting system). 4 others are screwed in the display, and you then click them together. This is more easily done if you’re two (I don’t encourage doing this alone ;)).

This solution comes with pretty much every size of screw you’ll need, so it’s a one box-fits-all solution.

Lately I’ve been using them to keep my doors open (when it’s windy or when my Roomba is cleaning the place).

IMG_20140418_104904 IMG_20140418_104858

Contact: [email protected]

Price: €30/piece (invoice possible)

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