Time has come

I’ve now moved blog.tuinslak.org to yeri.be as domain name.

Time has come to let my once so fierce and mighty nickname aside, and, in this not-so-anonymous world, use my first name.

Old links & bookmarks will remain operational and will redirect to the new domain.

And I’m dropping “blog” all together. And, as always, SSL is running.

static.0x04.com will still host all uploaded content.

My link shortener will be at i.yeri.be. The old links will 404 but I doubt many still had the old links bookmarked. I’m not sure why I took “i”, but it sounded nice.

Coincidence wants, that I moved from tuinslak.be to tuinslak.org, yesterday, October 14, four years ago.

In the coming days I’ll ponder whether I should move to Ghost (or something similar). And if I should run a dedicated droplet just for this blog or not. Hmmmm…

PS: content will still be as useless and random as before.

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