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    I had the same theme for over four years. I’ve made quite a few custom css and PHP edits myself, and it had been outdated for ages… But it served me well. However, it’s now time for something new. As always, as minimalistic as possible. On a side note, this blog has been moved from…

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  • Time has come

    I’ve now moved blog.tuinslak.org to yeri.be as domain name. Time has come to let my once so fierce and mighty nickname aside, and, in this not-so-anonymous world, use my first name. Old links & bookmarks will remain operational and will redirect to the new domain. And I’m dropping “blog” all together. And, as always, SSL is…

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  • https is win for spam

    Well, here are some stats for a longer period of time since moving to HTTPS. So moving to HTTPS lowered the average from ~1000ish to ~200 spam comments per month (I implemented HTTPS near the end of 2011-02). And yay, for Akismet’s graphs being back. For some reason they’d been broken for ages on this…

  • Bij deze

    Tja, weet het al van in December ofzo, maar tja. I guess dat ik het bewijs ben dat punten (“met voldoende wijze” (geen onderscheiding, dju toch) + halve PDTer) helemaal niets willen zeggen voor de toekomst. Ofzo. En neen, geachte headhunters (die via KdG mijn e-mail adres gekocht hebben), ik zoek GEEN werk. Zeker niet…

  • How to get rid of spambots on WP?

    Simple, start using SSL. Not entirely sure why this keeps spambots away, but a drop from ~100 spam comments/day (1/2) to at most 4 seems pretty cool. Edit: seems like they just do a POST request to an old URL (http://blog.tuinslak.org/some-post), which results in this reply: HTTP/1.1 301 Moved Permanently Server: nginx/0.9.4 Date: Tue, 22…

  • blog over ssl

    Starting a SSL test on this domain as of today. Free cert by StartSSL. SSL is clearly the new hype, and this time I won’t be last to join it! 😉 Just going to check how much (if any) SSL slows down my site. Every http requests gets automatically rewritten to https.

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