Hardware Networking

Outdoor WiFi (Pegasus Park)

Point to Point transmitters (Loco M2)

Point to Point WiFi

Point to Point receiver (Loco M2)

Point to Point receiver

Boxes with power, PoE and switches

Tidy boxes

Outdoor Access Point (UAP Outdoor+)

Outdoor access point


Hardware Networking www


An update from last time.


Hardware Networking www


HTTPS affects Google Page Rank. Best idea ever. Now read this.

This is the effect, of giving a WiFi hotspot (near a window at traffic lights) two additional SSID; by coincidence the same used by the two biggest local ISPs. You can clearly see when I made the change.

honeypot wifi

Edit (07/09/2014):

wifi 7 sept 2014

Hardware Networking

Yard Sale: P2P Wireless (TP-Link WA7510N)


For sale: two TP-Link WA7510N (5Ghz). These devices are about a year old, and served for about 10 months to provide internet from my apartment to a neighbouring building in Antwerp.

Because our office moved (all space got rent), internet is no longer required. Right now, I do not have a use-case for these devices (although, it was pretty cool, and I wish I could keep using them somehow).

For the past 10 months, except for some water in the UTP cable, this has been working perfectly, with a good and stable ping.

While I used them for Point-to-Point WiFi, they can be used in a wide variety of modes, including regular AP, etc. Just remember, they run at 5Ghz.

IMG_20140417_174816_2 IMG_20140417_174824_2 IMG_20140417_174837_2

Invoice is possible.

Price: discussable

Contact: [email protected]


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