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Mobile Vikings & iPhones

Because it took me about 10 minutes to Google it, I’ll recap it here;


If tethering is unavailable on ones iPhone, and you have to helpdesk him/her out of it, go to:

Settings > General > Network > Cellular Data Network

And set “Cellular data” to:

username: web
password: web

And reboot the device… Tethering should/will be available.


Something to think about

Imagine, a couple of years from now.

Apple’s patent to block recordings is reality and in operation. At some event such as Pukkelpop. During a crisis.

No one, as the infrared is beaming light into every smartphone, telling it to shut down the camera, is able to record or take pictures of what’s going on. Countless of proof is lost (or never made). Nothing on Twitpic, nothing on Youtube. No proof of how severe the storm/crisis actually was. No usable data for journalists and researchers to reuse afterwards. Unable to see whether the roof/screen/pillar/sound system/… fell before or after the whole tent actually collapsed…

Yes, think about that… “Free” world.

Apple Misc

Selling: iPhone 2G & iPhone 3G

Hi there,

I’m selling two (used) iPhones;

  • iPhone 2G (Edge-version). Currently jailbroken and working with all sims. 8Gb model
  • iPhone 3G (Black edition). It’s the Belgian, simlock-free modem (sold by Mobistar, in the days), 8Gb model.

The phones are running their latest available OS (depending on model).

Price? To be discussed. Please contact me at [email protected] or 0474/61.01.30. Items can be picked up around Brussels, or can be send using a postal service (transportation fee is for you).

Feel free to ask any additional questions.

Pictures: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8.

These devices will most likely be listed on eBay as well if no one responds within an acceptable time frame.