Been using it from time to time, and so far it has been great!

Maybe I’ll post some mini review about it some day.

Anyway, here’s a interview with one of the developers/leaders.

And a nice mail from them (reply to an idea of mine):

PS Bedankt voor de inspiratie voor blog post van twee weken terug op de next web:
(Zie TUINSLAK onderaan ergens)

In short: search my nick on the page.

/me feels famous. Great for my ego. 😉

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    We hope that this will be evident through the way we run Soocial and create the solution to the address book problem. TUINSLAK! Concretely this means being open about your business, your business model, giving users control of their data, their account and even how much they pay. We hope that radical respect for users will become the norm, because that’s how we want the world to be. RECALCITRANT RETRO RINGS!”

    makes no sense? :s

  2. Tuinslak avatar

    “SEX! Well not really but we figured you’d read on if I start my answers with sex. I’ll throw random words in my answers to see if we can retain readers attention. HORSES! FIRE! FOES!” 🙂

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