Selling: Guruplug Display

I’m selling my Guruplug Display as it’s underperforming for what I want it to be doing.

The 720p resolution doesn’t cut it, and it’s generally too slow and unstable to be used in a professional environment (although, I guess, at home it’d be fine).

It’s been flashed with Debian Squeeze and has some iRail specific apps running on it (which will be deleted). You can download the stock fs from

It has an internal 8Gb SD card (which I haven’t been able to access), and an external 4Gb SD card (with the OS on it). This is not the SD card that came with the device as that one already died after ~4 weeks.

It’s basically the spawn of satan (though I’m very happy with my Guruplug Server); I’m rather unsatisfied about this product (compared to Genesi Efika (this one)).

Anyway, this probably doesn’t sound all too good, but I just wanted warned you. Still cool toy to play with. Just don’t expect it to perform 24/7 and be stable during that time. It did control a 46″ or so screen in an office area though, and still is in production at the time of writing (but going to be decommissioned soon).

Pixorz: 1 2.

Contact: [email protected]

It’s fanless by the way.

Oh, I’ll be abroad until mid October and won’t be able to ship or instantly reply all mails until I’m back.


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