Mobistar “lulling” around

I just can’t stand the fact when people start lying or talk bullshit.

On the phone, the Mobistar employee guaranteed me the repair will take no longer than 5 work days.

In the Mobistar shop: “This is wrong, it will take <at least> 10 work days”.

In the meanwhile, I’ll just bang my head against the wall some more.

As I still have not received the receipt, and no one is able to tell me where it is, or when it arrives (“you’ll have it by next week”, “max 3 days”, “it takes at least 2 to 3 weeks before you’ll have it”), and they told me I could get my iPhone repaired with my MasterCard payment proof (uhhhh…).

Anyway, now that I’ve recieved that payment proof (mailed once per month) I went to the Mobistar shop, saying “Repair nowz plx!” & they already backed off, saying “Well, if for Dynafix this is not enough proof, it’s possible you’ll have to pay for the repair… And once the iPhone is sent, and they think it’s not enough proof, this cannot be stopped”.

I mean… What the fuck.

1) In what country, do they repair stuff for you, before you even agree to the repair cost?!

2) WTF is Mobistar doing in all this. They told me it’s proof, so what on earth has Dynafix have to say.

3) Sheesh, check the freaking serial/imei number, yes, check my address & name, yes, figure out… THINK FOR JUST ONCE. I. have. bought. it. legally. online. on. the. fucking. site.

4) AAAARGH no one, but really NO ONE has any clue about this whole iPhone. It’s an unorganised last minute “hey pick me, pick me Apple, yes, we r so pr0, we have 40% 3G coverage, pewpew & are customer mindeth”. Not a single person knows, for 100% sure, what to do. “You might try X… But…” or “You have to wait for the receipts, that will arrive in less than a month”. YES!! I’ve got time, with one freaking year of warranty, when it should be two.

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