Rectangular header illustration set in the Industrial Revolution era. In the scene, a large steam-powered server machine made of aged metal and wood dominates the factory floor. Workers in vintage clothing are engrossed in their tasks, cranking levers and feeding handwritten messages into the machine. To one side, a prominent stack of paper mail and envelopes waits to be processed, symbolizing the manual communication method of the time.

Mastodon server: email

Always a hassle to get mail delivery to work.

Had a similar problem with a VoIP (Nexmo SMS/call forwarding) tool that just refused to work using local mail servers without a valid cert. Gave up and started using Mailgun. 

Long story short: use something like Mailgun or another provider.

Using localhost SMTP server support seems to be limited if you don’t have working certs. The documentation is also lacking as to what does what. Didn’t figure out how to have it ignore SSL.

This is what worked for me, using Mailgun server:
[email protected]
[email protected]

And it looks like I’m not the only one struggling.

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