Fraps to iMovie

How to successfully import a movie recorded using Fraps into iMovie;

  1. Get Fraps, record whatever you want
  2. Get XviD4PSP (freeware) & install
  3. Import your avi files recorded using Fraps into XviD4PSP (drag & drop)
  4. Pick the encoding you want on the left. x264 q21 DXVA-SD-Insane seemed to be an acceptable quality.
  5. Click enqueue (and repeat 3->5 for multiple files)
  6. Click encode
  7. … wait …
  8. This will create .mp4 files; transfer those to your Mac
  9. Open iMovie, File -> Import -> Movies -> select the mp4 files
  10. … wait … A couple of hours
  11. Your movie should now be in iMovie, and you should be able to edit it
  12. Edit whatever you want to edit, share and export and have fun.

A little hint, if your video is cropped (parts cut off), click your movie sequence -> on the left corner of your sequence a little “gear” will appear -> Cropping & Rotation -> in your right display window click “fit” to make it full size.

Took me quite some time before I managed to do it, but hey, now I know… 😉

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