Flipper Zero with an Airtag

Flipper Zero: Waiting for SD card

Just got myself a Flipper Zero because .

However, the updating process from 0.6x.y to 0.82.3 was not very smooth sailing:

  • First it was stuck in synchronising on the iOS app refusing to initiate the update (had to force quit + reboot Flipper Zero to get it to continue)
  • After that, once I managed to upload the new firmware, it was stuck on Waiting for SD card after the Flipper rebooted.

The SD card I tried was an old 2Gb Samsung SD I had lying around (have 3-4 of these).

Tried several times, but alas, until I tried a different SD card… Then the update process went fine and the firmware updated as expected.

So looks like this is a sign the SD card is not properly performing (even though format, benchmark and uploading firmware worked fine).

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    Also got one (now with the amazon.com ban). Getting a new sd-card was also, something I needed to do.

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