Adium refusing to remember passwords

I reinstalled my Mountain Lion, and since then Adium keeps asking for passwords on every Adium restart/startup. Understandably, this is quite annoying.

I’ve tried the following:

  • readd the accounts
  • reinstall adium
  • run keychain first aid
  • check this
  • reboot
  • pray to the gods, old and new
  • check console (which is spawning a thousand million errors about read access denied, but Google told me it’s a known Mountain Lion bug)
  • update to Mountain Lion 10.8.2

What I did to solve it (I believe):

  • Uninstall Adium completely (tada)
  • install 10.8.2 (well, I happen to reboot just after uninstalling and reinstall Adium, so I’m unsure whether the first or 2nd point was most useful).

And it’s now working correctly. So far.

Downside: have to readd all accounts (Google 2-step verification fun, and time to delete those old accounts (xmpp/icq) where I forgot the passwords), and reset all your settings.

Edit: it has been confirmed by Adium it’s enough to just upgrade to Mountain Lion 10.8.2 to solve this problem. No need to delete all your settings & accounts like I did… 😉

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One response to “Adium refusing to remember passwords”

  1. Bob Cechacek avatar

    This happened to me a few times in the past, in 10.8.2 and in 2 times in 10.8.3. (May 2013)

    I’d rather re-entered my ~50 character long password every day than manually customized all my settings every four months.

    This works too:
    1. remove “Facebook” and some other Adium-related password via “Keychain Access” app.
    2. re-add the Facebook account in Adium
    3. Chat

    I’ve also temporarily moved all application’s settings (deleted via AppCleaner app) and started Adium, then moved settings back in place and re-wrote new files. I’m not sure if there wasn’t a problem with file permissions.

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