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If you’re like me, and been unable to log in to your Facebook chat through Adium for months… This is the fix:

Basically, when adding your Facebook account, Adium opens some webpage asking you to login. I always logged in using my e-mail address (as… that was what the page was actually asking!).

I always managed to successfully login. Facebook then asked to identify my device (“Adium” or whatever).

However, here the problems started. Whenever I clicked save, I just ended up on the same page again, asking me to fill in my device name.

Checking my devices in Account Settings, I saw a million Adiums got added (because of my spam clicking/trying)…

I even tried to disable the “login approvals”, thinking that had something to do with it… But alas.


Thinking it had something to do with cookies (session cookies not/wrongly saved or something by Adium) I updated to betas… Many times, and still no fix. This was becoming annoying and pretty odd. Was I the only one have this problem?


I then tried, instead of using my email address, to use my actual account name (“”). And guess what… 😉 Yea, I could log in, add the device correctly, and Facebook chat went online right away.

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  1. d01n avatar

    I’ve tried your way, but it is not working for me 🙁 and you are absolutely right, it is annoying….

  2. Spy avatar

    Is it really possible to change our online status on Facebook when using Adium? I mean, I want to know if my status on Facebook really change to busy … because some people told me they always see me online.

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