4.4.x & Nexus 7 (2012/v1)

New Android, once more a laggy device. Thank you Google.

My Nexus 7 (1st generation, 2012 model, with 3G) is encrypted, so I guess that might also slow everything further down.

Three things I did to solve the lagginess:

  • Wipe cache (howto),
  • Clear space (I had some movies left on it, deleted a few big files and it seemed to instantly pay off),
  • For some odd reason turning off WiFi optimalisation (advanced settings of WiFi) seemed to have the biggest impact on speed.

Edit (2/2/2014): Lagginess came back pretty quickly. I tried an entire reset/wipe and re-encrypted the storage. That didn’t really help.

I’ve now done a complete wipe again, but have not encrypted the storage (and removed more useless apps). And it is noticeably less laggy.

Edit (8/2/2014): It’s actually very smooth again, I can run and use the tablet in a decent way. Encryption on Nexus 7 (v1) is a no go.

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