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Why is a joke…

Screenshot of

Screenshot taken at 09h08.

On the official time displays in the stations the train of 09h06 to Antwerp Central was already removed at 09h05. They always do that. Even if the train is yet to arrive… Why?

Basicly, if you’re 1 minute late, check the display, don’t see your train; you’re not even allowed to asume your train has already passed. No. It has been removed, but there’s a good chance it has 10 minutes delay. Explain me the logics in this? Maybe this gives the impressions trains are rarely late? No red with +10 min?

Anyway, back to the screenshot. You can clearly see it has been barred, which means the train has passed and left the station, towards its next destination.

Now, why would they do that? If the train is yet to arrive (2ish minutes later)? To make us, poor customers, believe their trains are on time?

Train arriving

The train arriving at 09h10.

I know, it’s only 4 minutes. But 1 minute can mean the difference between missing a train or not. And in times like this, and when NMBS talks about <realtime> information, correct information is the least we can expect?!

For me, this website is no more than a commercial stunt and to make us, customers, happy (in a fast and cheap way), when, in fact, the site is only displaying bogus information

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I want this app u seem to have made from the website… you relaly make things looking great.

big fan of although I only discovered it today!!!

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