Why Mobistar and iPhone are a fail, imo.

Besides the poor 3G coverage in Belgium, this is what’s wrong.

  1. The lack of “openness” towards customers. I’m talking about last moment notices, quick fixes, delayed press cons, and so forth. Even Apple wasn’t sure about the release date in Belgium, which adds quite a bit confusion and anger to potential iPhone customers. Not only were they hoping to have it by 11 July (and luckily we did, afterall, somehow), but they were deceived by (semi?) unofficial and contradicted messages.
  2. The price, though it’s understandable due to the (semi) unlocked version. But, yes, it will still be locked to Belgian operators (and what about future/new operators? Even Mobistar didn’t know for sure).
  3. When released, I heard all iPhones had been preordered, and they gave priority to existing Mobistar customers. Seems like quite a discrimination, and gets closed to “locked iPhone” for me. I was 70th on the iPhone list at my local Mobistar shop.
  4. Eventhough they promised “enough iPhones”, every Mobistar Center only had like 3-4, plus they only received 3-4 per day for the coming period.
  5. Some Premium Apple shops did sell the iPhone, but all “smaller” and perhaps less commercial shops I contacted, did have no information about the iPhone, wether or not they’ll sell it. Another lack of openness, and one shop told me it was not Apple, but Mobistar that took care of distribution of the iPhones in Belgium (at the moment?).
  6. Vagueness about deliveries. Not a single shop could tell me, approximately when you’ll have my ordered iPhone. “At least a month, but likely more” or “Can’t tell, depends on the deliveries we do not manage” and so forth. When ordering, I’d like to know when I’ll have it.
  7. The “hidden” lack of (Black) iPhone 16Gb. If you wanted one, like me, you were added to the “reservation” list(s). What they did not tell you, is that the iPhone 16 Gb (Black) wasn’t being delivered for at least the first 2-3 weeks. Kindly taking your order, eventhough it increased your chance to wait even longer.
  8. The last minute iPhone Mobistar site. With pretty much no useful information on it.
  9. It has been over 3 weeks I ordered the iPhone in several (4) Mobistar shops and one Apple shop (Switch). None of them has ever recontacted me to tell me they had an iPhone for me. None…
  10. The ability to go order iPhones online. I did receive an e-mail “iPhones are now in stock, hurry to the site, order now!!” and when I clicked the link… “All iPhones have been sold out.” Yes, great stock indeed.
  11. The support… After finally receiving my iPhone today (managed to get on online at the Mobistar shop), and being unable to get it to work (won’t read ANY sim card) I decided to call Mobistar. As non-Mobistar customer, the only number you can call is a paying number. Actually… It’s a cell phone number. 0495/95.95.00. Guess how cheap that is if you’re in the queue for 20 mins. Anyway, “Welcome to the Mobistar blablabla, click 2 for Dutch, blablabla, click 1 for prepaid information, click 2 for subscription information. THAT’S IT. I have *neither*. I am a Proximus customer. I do not WANT to be Mobistar. Anyway, after clicking 2, for subscription, and than 5, for iPhone “technical support”…
    “Welcome to the iPhone technical helpdesk”. Before even finishing to explain my problem, and the error I received in iTunes, that friendly helpdesker interrupted me, telling me to call Apple Support. They take care of iPhone support.
    Calling Apple, clicking 4 or 5 for iPhone support, I hear an automatic voice saying “Please contact your local operator for any iPhone inquiries”. Great !
    Recalling Apple, taking 1 for iPod support, started explaining my problem. Finally someone wanted to help. Though he didn’t quite know what to do. Trying the standard “fixes”. The usual reset and so forth. Nothing helped. Anyway, he opened a tech. case for me, mailed all information, but told me to call Mobistar again… He also said Mobistar was doing *all* the iPhone support; they have to. They have a contract and even Apple personel to take care of the iPhone support.
    Back at Mobistar… I reexplained my problems. Told him I tried the iPhone with 4 different sim cards (two cards we bought quite recently and one Mobistar card at our local Mobistar shop – though she did not know the problem and told me to call). He told me to go to Proximus, and let my sim card be replaced. I explained to him “this won’t fix it. I tried with 2 new ones, heck, I even tried at the MOBISTAR SHOP – I do guess you use good and recent sim cards – and it did NOT work”. His reply; “sim cards get old very quickly, try to replace it nevertheless.
    Having my sim card replaced, it went active after about an hour… I retried. Guess what? Didn’t work.
    Recalled, and he told me to hand in the iPhone at a Mobistar shop, and Apple will replace/fix the iPhone WITHIN 5 days. Let’s hope.
  12. But… Here comes my last fail. As I ordered the iPhone online, I will receive the bill/order info “during the following days”. Yes, I CANNOT get my iPhone fixed as long as I do not have my receipt. There is NO WAY on earth to see I bought that iPhone, that it was delivered today… NO. IMPOSSIBLE. So now I’ll have to wait (as if I didn’t do that enough already), and wait, and wait till I have all papers, hand it in, wait for it to get fixed, and wait wait wait and maybe I’ll get a working iPhone… Eventually.

Anyway, let’s not put all the blame on Mobistar. After my ongoing Macbook Pro problems, and now this. I’m getting deceived by Apple. Where has the quality gone? Any checks and tests before products are sold?


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