Rectangular depiction of a painter in their studio, surrounded by a myriad of colorful paint tubes, brushes, and canvases. The artist, with paint smeared on their face and clothes, passionately works on a large canvas, their strokes bold and confident. The atmosphere is filled with the aroma of paint and the energy of creation.

The Underrated Art of Giving a Shit

I recently stumbled upon a narrative that struck a chord. It was about a custom-made table, but, more than that – it was about the magic that happens when someone cares enough about their craft, whether it’s carving wood or coding or anything else really.

Picture this: you decide to get a custom meeting room table made. You scout around, and a small studio in East Vancouver catches your eye. You meet up, exchange ideas, and decide on a superelliptical rectangle design. They nail it.

Now, you might be wondering why this table-making venture was smooth sailing. Was it because the craftspeople were top-notch? Nope. Did they charge an arm and a leg? Nope. The secret sauce was they (apparently) gave a shit.

This isn’t just a furniture saga. It holds true whether you’re in a tiny carpentry workshop or a buzzing software studio. When someone’s genuinely invests in the work, it’s a different ball game. They aren’t just selling you a commodity; they’re offering you a piece of their passion, expertise, and genuine care.

Ever noticed how you’re drawn towards businesses or individuals that show they care? You ask for a quote from four software studios. Three shoot back with a quote, no questions asked. The fourth one, however, throws in some questions, shows concerns, wants to understand the nitty-gritty before talking money. Now, who would you trust more?

I’m 100% sure this is why people are working with FlatTurtle. We solve problems, we do it with the customer in mind (and I assume, we’re cheaper than the rest).

Show you care about your work and craft, your customers, and what you do… And people will see the passion and want to work with you.

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