Rectangular illustration of a stressed individual, depicted with furrowed brows, wide eyes, and beads of sweat on their forehead. Their posture is hunched, hands clutching their head, exuding an aura of overwhelm and anxiety. The background is kept neutral to emphasize the person's emotional state.

The Rush of Feeling Stressed

When Kevin lost his job at a tech startup during a round of mass layoffs two months ago, he suddenly felt way less stressed. He had spent countless hours as a customer service agent for a health app that rarely worked, fielding angry call after angry call. Now that he was unemployed, the stress disappeared, which, for him, was a problem. He desperately missed the high of the anxiety he experienced from work. “I thought I was depressed, but I think I was just relaxed for the first time and didn’t like it,” the 29-year-old tells me. “All that stress sucked, but it honestly kept me going.”


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