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iRail Trac

iRail project page is located at

Also, biggest issue (station bug) seems to have been fixed in the API (mobile site soon!). Thanks Pieter Colpaert.

iRail www

iRail updates

We’ve been busy.

First of all, big thanks for all the code and help from Pieter Colpaert.


And again, Git repo located here. Feel free to participate. 🙂

You can very easily fork my Git repository, all working improvements will be merged to the main stream.

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iRail source is on Github.

To access the iRail source code;

Be aware you need to be added as contributor before being able to commit changes.

  1. get Git
  2. [browse to some folder] mkdir git
  3. cd git
  4. git clone [email protected]:Tuinslak/iRail.git
  5. cd iRail
  6. git fetch

To edit & commit changes:

  1. git add [file]
  2. git commit -m ‘edited [file], added this and that’
  3. git push

To update repo

  1. git fetch
  2. git merge origin/master

To check log

  1. git log

Info here and here, oh and here.

Nightly built accessible here. Git gets updated every night around 4h00. (see the index.php; set $dev to 1)

Feel free to commit [working and useful] updates. Decent updates will make the website. Contact me if you have any questions or remarks. Most important bug is the station issue and my todo list can be found here.

I’m fairly new to all this Git-stuff, so I might have done some stuff wrong, or not optimised, or whatever. Contact me if so.

iRail www

iRail is back

After careful consideration with my lawyer Ywein Van den Brande, I have decided to put iRail back online.

The copy of the letter to the NMBS/SNCB can be viewed here.

Minor modifications have been made to make it work correctly again with the new route planner of the NMBS/SNCB (changelog); and I’ll keep working on it to optimise it (next on the todo list is a better results page). Also, feedback is always welcome… But mail me; not the NMBS/SNCB. 😉

Also, dear NMBS/SNCB, please provide us with an API. Clearly, I’m not the only one interested in open data and APIs. This would make small projects like this quite a bit easier and would greatly increase the end quality. Data scraping just doesn’t fit web2.0.

I’d like to gratefully thank everyone for the amazing support, and special thanks go to Ywein Van den Brande, Sébastien Boelpaep and Vincent Van Quickenborne.

Have a nice day,

Yeri Tiete

Edit: Due to a bug in the querying, not all station information is displayed correctly and an error page is shown. Working to get it solved.

iRail Linux Networking Software www

iRail slashdot effect

Only because stats are pretty awesome. The effects of my media attention a few days ago. I’ll give some more info than what can be seen here.

And pretty happy I set up my nginx caching up a few weeks ago.

MRTG traffic stats on vm1, my nginx caching server, of the first 2 days (only major traffic source is this blog):

Top referrers (though not 100% accurate):

Website hits:

Top posts last few days:

Flickr hits last few days:

Screenshots are all a few days old by the way.

This, and a bunch of other cool stats from Google Analytics. 🙂

Oh, and also, visits on from the NMBS/SNCB network starting Sept 1 2008: