Call to undefined function http_post_data()

After updating my server from testing to Squeeze it suddenly crashed after running a high CPU % perl script.

Being unresponsive I reset the machine to reboot it.

After booting up and testing websites running on it I came along an odd PHP error;

Call to undefined function http_post_data()

Probably due to PHP updates from Lenny/testing to Squeeze.

This error is caused by not having installed PECL-HTTP (and php-pear php5-dev libcurl3-openssl-dev)

However, PECL-HTTP had been installed for ages and running the pecl install command resulted in this:

# pecl install pecl_http
pecl/pecl_http is already installed and is the same as the released version 1.7.0
install failed

Some quick Googling didn’t come up with a simple fix.

I then tried to reinstall PECL-HTTP (by uninstalling and reinstalling it)

# pecl uninstall pecl_http
Unable to remove "" from php.ini
uninstall ok: channel://
# pecl install pecl_http
downloading pecl_http-1.7.0.tgz ...
Starting to download pecl_http-1.7.0.tgz (173,979 bytes)

Which luckily did solve my issue…

So reinstalling does actually solve stuff on Linux 😡

Be sure to have in your php.ini and to restart php if it’s running with fastcgi or restarting Apache after making the changes.

Blog changes

Right, playing around with my blog again. Wasn’t really that happy anymore with my nginx rproxy caching. Especially that for some reason, lately, every (php) request got at least one hit to the backend Apache server, while it used to cache the generated html for 30 mins.

And well, performance just wasn’t good enough. So I said bye to, and hi to a couple of days ago. Vm1 is no longer the nginx proxy, but is hosting my whole blog now. No more Apache for me.

Now to see if performance increases and if it was any point in changing.

Oh, and all static/upload/image requests are now rewritten to a new domain ( Gives me to option to move static pages to a different webserver/host in the future. And why and not or ? Well, don’t know. Just like my “0x04” domain name! 😀

Oh well… Just playing around…

iRail news

  • Been playing around with nginx vs Apache for iRail. The bottle neck still is the NMBS site (and I’m truly sorry for DoSing you, dearest NMBS. I had to benchmark), but nginx seems to win just slightly over Apache. Maybe it’s worth moving to my nginx webserver. <3 nginx.
  • The iRail (national) mobile website is getting its final touches and should go live tomorrow night.
  • The iRail API seems stable. Special thanks to Pieter.
  • iRail is currently developing a native Qt (Symbian, Maemo and MeeGo) application.
  • There will most likely be a Bada (Samsung) native application as well.
  • Same for the iPhone, native app should be here soonish.
  • If you’d like to help, one way or another, two addresses, Project iRail and mailing list. 🙂
  • iRail team will attend Apps Marathon on Monday.
  • iRail @ OpenBelgium