Xiaomi purifier hack with NFC tags

It’s been over two years since my last rant.

I can now happily say this NFC tag hack works. No need to hack your purifier like with their previous kit (I almost purchased the kit — but eventually decided against it; was it worth the trouble?).

But these NFC tags are significantly easier to use. After ignoring the “your filter is at 0%” for the past ~6 months, it’s back at 100% with this. Remember to dust off and clean it once in a while (but even if you don’t, the air coming out is still cleaner).

So, entirely, worth it!

Speaking of which — Ikea has a whole new range of cool purifiers (including built-in a table). Quite cool (and sad that it’s come to this with all the pollution)!

Errors Misc Software

I know someone whose 2-factor phone authentication was hacked…


Attacker finally says to friend “I know all your details, I know all about you; if you let me get away with a little bit of money, I will leave you alone.”  And then a negotiation on how much is a little bit proceeds.  Friend says “I’ll think about it” and hangs up.