RIP Kevin Mitnick

A bit of a personal hero. The world lost an important person.

Would totally recommend Ghost in the Wires if you want to learn more.

Cancers suck. Time we fix those.

Hardware Software

Flipper Zero: Waiting for SD card

Just got myself a Flipper Zero because .

However, the updating process from 0.6x.y to 0.82.3 was not very smooth sailing:

  • First it was stuck in synchronising on the iOS app refusing to initiate the update (had to force quit + reboot Flipper Zero to get it to continue)
  • After that, once I managed to upload the new firmware, it was stuck on Waiting for SD card after the Flipper rebooted.

The SD card I tried was an old 2Gb Samsung SD I had lying around (have 3-4 of these).

Tried several times, but alas, until I tried a different SD card… Then the update process went fine and the firmware updated as expected.

So looks like this is a sign the SD card is not properly performing (even though format, benchmark and uploading firmware worked fine).


Xiaomi purifier hack with NFC tags

It’s been over two years since my last rant.

I can now happily say this NFC tag hack works. No need to hack your purifier like with their previous kit (I almost purchased the kit — but eventually decided against it; was it worth the trouble?).

But these NFC tags are significantly easier to use. After ignoring the “your filter is at 0%” for the past ~6 months, it’s back at 100% with this. Remember to dust off and clean it once in a while (but even if you don’t, the air coming out is still cleaner).

So, entirely, worth it!

Speaking of which — Ikea has a whole new range of cool purifiers (including built-in a table). Quite cool (and sad that it’s come to this with all the pollution)!

Errors Misc Software

I know someone whose 2-factor phone authentication was hacked…


Attacker finally says to friend “I know all your details, I know all about you; if you let me get away with a little bit of money, I will leave you alone.”  And then a negotiation on how much is a little bit proceeds.  Friend says “I’ll think about it” and hangs up.