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Google developing own CPUs for Chromebook laptops“.

Interesting to see that many years after Apple started creating their CPUs for the iPhone (and now laptops/desktops), so many companies are following. Google is not new to building their chips (TPU, Titan (used in security keys and as encryption module for servers/Pixel phones), and likely more), but quite new to more generalised computing CPU for phones and laptops.

And it makes sense — a lot of the generic CPUs were too generalist and not that great at their job (and are plagued with bugs). It came with heavy power usage. Having a ML/AI chip, a GPU chip, a generalist CPU chip (or two, one focussing on high performance, and one on efficiency, like the M1), one for security/encryption (Titan/T2), etc.

Curious to see how much of a head start Apple really has, and very eager to finally see some real innovation in the CPU space (sorry AMD with Ryzen: too little, too late).

Let’s see if Intel and AMD will be able to adapt and reinvent themselves and what it means for ARM (and the ARM IP issue in China), and if other architectures like MIPS are making a chance.

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Use instead of .be in Chrome


  • lags on new features
  • no +1 in .be
  • no social integration
  • no instant search
  • probably a million other experiments that run on .com but not on .be
  • The black-bar is entirely different on .be, don’t know why
  • Better G+ integration, not that I would ever use it
  • .be lagged on https as well, and I’m a https fan.


In Chrome: surf to settings > Manage search engines.

Then either delete the default one:


Or just add a random website from the list below, and rename it to “Google”, “” and add this in the last column:{google:RLZ}{google:acceptedSuggestion}

When copy pasting, make sure it becomes one line (e.g. no new lines).

And be sure to make it https and (not for example), this will increase speed significantly.

Google Software

Greatly increase Chrome performance

Using experiments.

My Chrome version: 19.0.1084.52 (mac)

Surf to: chrome://flags/

I enabled following flags, and so far it’s still working great:

  • Threaded compositing Mac, Windows, Linux, Chrome OS
  • GPU Accelerated SVG and CSS Filters Mac, Windows, Linux, Chrome OS
  • HTTP Pipelining Mac, Windows, Linux, Chrome OS
  • Built-in Asynchronous DNS Mac, Windows, Linux, Chrome OS

Pipelining requires a somewhat more decent internet connection (as in, don’t use it while on EDGE on the train).

There are a bunch of other cool experiments to play with, and be sure to check it out after every major Chrome update.

By the way, check out this if you haven’t done so yet: chrome://chrome-urls/

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I laughed.

Google Misc

Blog stats

Well, seems like Firefox is the most popular browser visiting this site. And on 2nd place.. Safari?! Who on earth uses Safari? Oh, but I guess mobile device, such as the iPhone & Symbian use webkit/Safari-like browser.

Well, let’s see if Google Chrome gets in that list. If only they’d release it for other OS’es too… 🙁 Seems like good ol’ Windows isn’t that popular anymore.